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7.5 Tonne (C1)

For many, the HGV C1 is the start of the journey, allowing them to drive rigid vehicles above 3.5 tonnes.

We offer a driving assessment with a detailed debrief to give you an indication of how many training hours you are likely to need in advance of the DVSA Category C1 Test.

Rest assured, you can complete your training at your own pace and with complete confidence that you are being taught by an experienced professional.

In addition to your Part 1 theory test and Part 3 - practical driving tests, professional drivers will be required to undertake the Part 2 test - case study and you can then go on to complete the Part 4 test - practical demonstration. This is not needed if you are completing this course to drive a horsebox or work with the ambulance service as a

Paramedic/ Technician.


The Part 4 test involves the examiner asking you to perform daily walk round check, an immigration check and you will be asked 3 other knowledge questions.

This course would be ideal for somebody, wishing to drive an ambulance or a horse box.

For further details go to the The Driving Test page.

Once you have completed your C1 test and received your licence, you are free to continue your training with a view to completing the Class 2 or1 test.  You can also bypass C1 or Class 2 if you wish and go straight to a Class 1 test.

Here at Olly's Driver Training, the hours that we specify for training are exactly that, the time for test is in addition to the training hours, but included in your individual course fee.


So, a 12 hour course would be one to one training with the instructor for 12 hours and then the time on test, including return to base. 

***You MUST be at least18 years old and have a full UK driving licence already and a provisional C1 licence to complete this course***

How do I start???

Contact the office for further details or your free no obligation quote.

7.5 Tonne (C1) courses now ready to book
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