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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to pass my test?

A lot depends on your ability to drive already and how quickly you can take in and retain information, usually a minimum of 16 hours, we strongly recommend everyone comes for a driving assessment first!


How do I start?

This is covered on our How Do I Start page.


Will I pass first time?

We try our best to ensure that everyone passes their driving test/s first time, however sometimes it isn't your day or something happens that you hadn't planned for. Coming to your course well rested and with a clear mind will help, along with a good knowledge of the Highway Code.

Do I have to do my 7.5 Tonne (C1), or Class 2 (C) test first?

No, you can go from a full UK driving licence to Category C+E - Class 1, bypassing the 7.5/ C1, or Class 2 (C) tests It is still possible to do Class 2 (C) and 7.5 Tonne (C1).

How much will it cost?

The price varies, depending on whether you have already done a medical and passed the theory tests, and how many training hours you need. We strongly recommend booking in a driving assessment before training starts.

Is the reverse difficult?

Our training will make sure you know how to reverse the vehicle safely, as expected on the test and when you're out on your own as a professional driver.

How long will the process take from Car (B) to Class 1 (C+E)?

Usually around 1 month from start to finish, subject to your availability.

How can I find the Highway Code?

A free copy is available HERE.

What's the pass rate?

Our pass rate is currently 89% - over 25% more than the national UK HGV first time pass rate!!

Will I complete my training in the same vehicle as on the test?

Yes, all training is carried out in the vehicle you will use for test.

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