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Car & Trailer (B+E)

Our training will prepare you to drive a trailer of any size on UK roads.

Experienced drivers can take advantage of our standard 8 hour course.

Other tailor made courses are available to suit you or your business needs.


Most importantly, all drivers can complete their training at their own pace and with complete confidence that they are being taught by an experienced professional. 

Here at Olly's Driver Training, the hours that we specify for training are exactly that, there is no test anymore, leaving more time for training.

We provide the trailer, using your vehicle helps being in a vehicle you know and are comfortable with, maximising the learning potential.


So, an 8 hour course would be 1:1 training with the instructor for 8 hours, all included in your course fee. 

We also provide trailer and caravan training for those that require it, but need some additional training and guidance on reversing and manoeuvring.

*** Find some useful rules on towing a trailer here ***

***You MUST be at least17 years old and have a full UK driving licence already to complete this course, the vehicle provided byu you must be road legal***

Contact the office for further details or your free no obligation quote.

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