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Driver Assessments

 We offer Driver Assessments for: 

Car (B), Minibus (D1), Coach (D), Class 2 (C), 7.5 Tonne (C1) and Class 1 (C+E).

Our assessment includes detailed verbal and written feedback, clearly outlining any areas requiring development, these assessments are very popular with companies post incident, pre interview and annual refreshers. These assessments can be undertaken using our equipment of from your office as required. 

We also offer driving assessments for those wishing to undertake the:

 Car & Trailer (B+E) 

Class 1 (C&E)

Class 2 (C) and

7.5 Tonne (C1)

Minibus/ Minibus and Trailer (D1 & D1+E)


driving tests and will be informed as to how many hours they will likely need to pass the DVSA driving test. 

After your assessment, why not take advantage of one of our Advanced Driver Training courses? 

Or, the interactive, Theory Test Sessions / Vehicle Safety workshops?

Contact the office for further details or your free no obligation quote.

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