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Post Test Training

Your practical driving test and initial CPC training are only the beginning of your professional driving career. 


Here at Olly's Driver Training we can offer agency work after completing one of our posttest training courses. Hours are dependent on training needed.

 A lack of confidence for your first employer driving assessment or an overall lack of driving experience, can be a barrier to getting that first job.

Why not book some additional hours posttest training to boost the chances of passing that first driving assessment and being able to use your new licence at the earliest opportunity and setting that very first impression that you have what it takes and have taken the interview and driving assessment very seriously.

Post Test Training can increase your chances and reassure potential employers that you are ready for the road.

All students will leave with a detailed report of their driving habits and behaviours ready for that driving assessment.

Why not book one of our new, popular Vehicle Safety Workshops?


Contact the office for further details or your free no obligation quote.

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