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Useful Links

Here are some links to websites, training materials or you tube videos to help you study and fully understand what is expected of you for the multiple choice tests and life on the road as a professional driver.


D2/ D4 - Provisional application form

Official Theory Test of Large Vehicle


Free latest version of the Highway Code

Youtube video on HGV blind spots

Digital tachograph card application

To view your online driving licence

For an explanation of the driving test

DVSA HGV/ PCV Show me Tell me questions

DVSA Car & Trailer Show me Tell me questions

DVSA reverse diagram and measurements

Hazard perception and theory test revision

For help on Hazard Perception from DVSA

There may be cheaper alternatives, it's always good to shop around.


Above are the relevant books you may need. Just make sure they are the current versions to stay up to date.

Alternatively, there is an app called ''LGV/ PCV Theory Test and Hazards'' priced at £11.99 and is cheaper than a single book. It has very good reviews and ODT learners have used that to help fully understand what is required and pass. Linked closely with an interactive theory test workshops in our classroom.

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